BeyondGenderAgenda honors “Top 100 Women for Diversity”


Düsseldorf, Germany, March 01, 2023 – BeyondGenderAgenda today launches a campaign honoring the “Top 100 Women for Diversity in 2023.” Under the patronage of Natalia Wörner, the diversity network honors women who champion diversity and equal opportunity and also open doors for more women.


The month of March, with its focus on gender equity through Equal Pay Day (March 7) as well as International Women’s Day (March 8), is the ideal time to increase awareness of the importance of diversity. BeyondGenderAgenda will set an example with the “Top 100 Women for Diversity” campaign. A sign for diversity, courage and confidence in a time marked by crises. The campaign motif shows 100 women who are not only very successful themselves, but also pave the way for other women and support them along the way.


The empowerment of women is a personal issue close to actress Natalia Wörner’s heart and the reason why it fills her with pride and joy to be the patron of BeyondGenderAgenda’s “Top 100 Women for Diversity”: “The topic of female empowerment is in my DNA. I grew up in an all-female, 4-generation household with no gender hierarchies and a rather non-ideological sense of emancipation. From this perception, it has become a life theme for me to work for the empowerment of women. This motivates my commitment to equal rights, equality, social tolerance and solidarity. The “Top 100 Women for Diversity” campaign honors women who live precisely these values and carry them forward as role models. Therefore, I am very pleased to be the patron of the campaign this year.”


Victoria Wagner, founder and CEO of BeyondGenderAgenda, adds, “How often do we all hear that there are more important issues than diversity and, moreover, not enough women to fill quotas. We think that’s wrong and we’re kicking off the counter-evidence with 100 women. We are convinced that all the participants, such as the Chairwoman of the Economic Experts Monika Schnitzer, the human rights activist and social entrepreneur Düzen Tekkal, or the CEOs of L’Oréal, Wioletta Rosolowska, and DB Cargo, Dr. Sigrid Nikutta, are making a significant contribution to advancing diversity in German business. Our “Top 100 Women for Diversity” are both role models and doers of an equal opportunity and diverse German economy.”


The “Top 100 Women for Diversity” will be publicized in a Germany-wide print and out-of-home campaign, as well as through BeyondGenderAgenda’s and the participants’ social media channels. Additionally, an event will be held in honor of the 100 honored women on March 02 in Düsseldorf, Germany.


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