… confirm a statistically significant correlation between diverse leadership teams and financial outperformance. In addition, the inclusion of highly diverse individuals is a significant success factor for higher profitability.


... is either at the bottom or occupies ranking places in the lower third in representative international studies on Diversity & Inclusion, which we want to change promptly and permanently.

Diversity – Is much more than gender.

Leading positions, particularly in executive and supervisory boards, should be filled with the most suitable persons regardless of disabilities, gender, origin, age, or sexual orientation and gender identity in order to ensure long-term international competitiveness.

Inclusion – Diversity without inclusion is nothing but PR.

For companies without an inclusive organizational structure and culture, highly diversified teams will not bring the hoped-for economic benefits. However, if they establish an inclusive environment, the perceived appreciation of the contribution of each individual increases. Positive effects in recruiting as well as the retention of specialists and managers in the company are the result.



has set itself the goal to integrate Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) into the DNA of leading listed and medium-sized companies.

Based on the clear connection between D&I and business performance, equal opportunities for senior executives regardless of disabilities, gender, ages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender identity shall be ensured when it comes to staffing executive and supervisory board mandates. The aim is to establish a change of culture involving politics, society and economy.

In order to make BeyondGenderAgenda a broad movement across society, the public debate is driven by sustainable agenda setting, social media campaigning, studies and active communication with ambassadors.


BeyondGenderAgenda is the brand and platform for the integral anchoring of Diversity and Inclusion in economy, politics and society. The chapters Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, Generation and LGBT+ represent the target groups for which there is currently no equal opportunity in staffing executive and supervisory board mandates. All chapters are equally important and there is no ranking or prioritization. BGA's commitment is designed to make individual chapters redundant over time because equality has been achieved. However, it is likely that more chapters will be added.