FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal is to anchor diversity and an inclusive work environment integrally in the DNA of listed and medium-sized companies. We want to ensure equal opportunities for senior executives regardless of disabilities, gender, ages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender identity when it comes to staffing executive and supervisory board mandates. The aim is to establish a change of culture involving politics, society and economy.

The main reason for founding BeyondGenderAgenda was Vicky's work with her predominantly female customers in her strategy consultancy ALTERNATIVLOS. There she advises top executives on personal branding, i.e. how they can become more visible in the relevant environment with their expertise, topics and positioning in order to take the next step on the career ladder. This topic is particularly relevant for women due to the so-called glass ceiling. Although women indeed represent an essential part of the target group for whom there is still no equal opportunity to fill top management positions, they do not cover the entire area of diversity. Therefore, Vicky has decided to stand up equally for all those affected. This has resulted in founding BeyondGenderAgenda, the initiative for diversity and inclusion.

We remain committed until equal chances in filling management board and supervisory board positions are ensured and diversity is accepted and valued by society.

Diversity is much more than just gender diversity and goes far beyond the mere topic of men and women. Diversity is the full range of diversity. At BeyondGenderAgenda we focus on the following chapters: Disability, Gender, Generation, Ethnicity and LGBT+.

Inclusion does not mean, as often referred to in the German language, the integration of people with disabilities. Coming from the definition of sociology, inclusion is the opposite of exclusion and makes the appreciative approach to diversity and genuine participation possible.

Diversity management is an effort to use people's diversity for the competitiveness and creativity of the entire company and to prevent discrimination against underrepresented groups.

No, competitive thinking is the wrong approach. The more initiatives and networks promote diversity and equal opportunities, the better. We are open to all types of cooperation and would like to make our contribution through networking and joint actions to make Germany more diverse and inclusive.

BeyondGenderAgenda is not a network, but an initiative for diversity and inclusion that is entirely digital. We provide the platform to promote, together with our community, the topics of diversity and inclusion and thus to bring about a cultural change.

BeyondGenderAgenda places diversity and inclusion on the agenda of the German economy and wants to anchor it integrally in the DNA of companies. We offer a lot of information, positive examples and provide suggestions on how equal opportunities and participation can be successfully implemented in everyday company life. However, if all efforts do not lead to the desired cultural change in business, politics and society, then the temporary quota is the means of choice. Nevertheless, our members of the advisory board may disagree. Diversity, including expression of opinion, is desired by BGA.

BeyondGenderAgenda is a sole digital initiative. Therefore we do not organize personal meetups. However, you are welcome to use all digital possibilities for exchange with us, such as comments, reviews and sharing contributions, videos or podcasts.

Everyone can join our initiative and thereby personally stand up for diversity and inclusion. How it works? For instance, you can promote our topics on your own channels and share BeyondGenderAgenda's content, or comment or rate our posts, videos and podcasts. You can also encourage a partnership with BeyondGenderAgenda in your company. Here you can inquire a strategic partnership.

We expect our partner companies to take a serious and credible approach to diversity and inclusion and to promote the topic within the company and in public. Would you like to become a partner with your company? Here you can inquire a strategic partnership.

Our members of the advisory board have an ambassadorial role, both internally in their own company and externally in public. They are actively committed to diversity and inclusion and thus individually contribute to the cultural change of politics, society and economy.

We will address suitable advisory board members directly and invite them to a personal exchange. If both the person addressed and the company behind them are interested in promoting diversity and inclusion and supporting us, there is nothing standing in the way of an advisory board mandate. However, companies can also become partners of BeyondGenderAgenda regardless of the position of an advisory board. Here you can inquire a strategic partnership.

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