The BeyondGenderAgenda consulting team combines many years of experience in consulting and communication with proven DE&I know-how. We know the status quo of diversity in the German economy and have a keen sense for the differentiated addressing of various target groups in organizations. With strategic diversity consultancy, we support companies in activating diversity as an economic success factor and implementing it in the organizational structure. Together with our customers, we identify potential and initiate changes in order to ensure their future viability. Among other things, we will help you with the content of your diversity events, advise you on internal and external communication and inform and inspire you with keynotes and workshops.

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Status quo Analyse

BeyondGenderAgenda PulseCHECK is the holistic and scientifically based analysis of a company’s diversity status. Based on the data from the status quo analysis, we determine the degree of maturity of the company on its diversity journey.

From the results of this comprehensive examination of the diversity of a company, we derive concrete goals and recommendations for further diversity development.

Our clients

Apollo stands for good vision – and this also applies to us internally: With a clear view of what we have achieved and a constant search for improvement. Our commitment to even more diversity is important to us. That is why the Diversity Certification and the critical view from the outside were an important process. In this way, we made the colorful world at Apollo visible, but at the same time also identified potential to make it even more diverse and thus even better. Many thanks to the BeyondGenderAgenda team!

Jörg Ehmer, CEO, Apollo

Wir von Carlsberg sind überzeugt: Diversität ist kein Hype, es ist eine Haltung. Vielfalt als Stärke, das gilt für unsere Mitarbeitenden wie für unsere Biere. Vicky hat uns in ihrem großartigen Vortrag gestern eindrucksvoll gezeigt, wieviel hierzulande noch zu tun ist und wie wir gemeinsam für ein besseres Heute und Morgen brauen können. Danke für diesen tollen Impulse!“


For me, BeyondGenderAgenda is the best address for activating diversity as an economic success factor in the company. In addition to an impressive network, I was particularly impressed by the strategic approach.

Creditplus Bank AG

Together with BeyondGenderAgenda, we were able to identify potentials, initiate new impulses and develop diversity as an economic success factor at Deutsche Bahn. We thank you very much for the excellent cooperation!

Deutsche Bahn AG

At Douglas, we understand diversity as a strategic competitive factor that determines our actions and the vision of our company. Obtaining the certification by BeyondGenderAgenda was important to us and pointed out further potential for even more diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities during the process.

Douglas Group

Through BeyondGenderAgenda, the topic of diversity has gained significantly in visibility in the German economy, and through their competent advice it is closely linked to corporate strategy in many companies. Only in this way, diversity can be used successfully and sustainably in economic terms.


It was very helpful to have BeyondGenderAgenda as a sparring partner in designing our first diversity survey.