German Diversity Award
Award Ceremony
Jens Spahn

„Wichtiger als die Frage, wo wir herkommen ist, wo wir gemeinsam hinwollen. Wenn alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger ihre Talente einbringen, sind wir gemeinsam erfolgreich. Hautfarbe, Geschlecht oder Alter dürfen dafür kein Hindernis sein. Zusammen anpacken im Unternehmen und in der Gesellschaft, das macht uns stark. Deshalb ist es richtig und wichtig, dass BeyondGenderAgenda mit dem German Diversity Award den Fokus auf die Chancen von Vielfalt richtet. Unser Land und unsere Unternehmen haben ein enormes Potenzial. Für den gemeinsamen Erfolg in den 20er-Jahren müssen wir es noch besser nutzen.“

Jens Spahn, Bundesgesundheitsminister

German Diversity Award

BeyondGenderAgenda, the initiative for diversity and inclusion, is hosting the German Diversity Award for the first time this year. Outstanding commitment to diversity is recognized in eight categories in order to give more attention to the importance of diverse executive and supervisory boards in Germany. In addition, a sustainable cultural change should be brought about through the involvement of politics, society and the economy.

The eight award categories represent the BeyondGenderAgenda chapters Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, Generation and LGBT+ and are supplemented by the special categories Personality of the Year, Company of the Year and Audience Award . The jury is made up of relevant representatives from economy, science and politics.

The German Diversity Award starts in 2020 in a purely digital version. From the first publication, through the nomination and jury meeting, to the announcement of the winners, the entire process takes place digitally.

The German Diversity Award will honor individuals and companies who made an outstanding contribution to diversity in 2020 in the following eight categories :

Personality of the Year – for an individual person with outstanding contribution to diversity in 2020
Company of the Year – for a company with outstanding contribution to diversity in 2020
Audience Award – for an individual person, who is selected by the community for her/his outstanding contribution to diversity in 2020

For individuals and/or companies with outstanding contribution in 2020 in one of the five BeyondGenderAgenda chapters:
Chapter Disability
Chapter Ethnicity
Chapter Gender
Chapter Generation
Chapter LGBT+

The Award Ceremony took place on 18. November 2020 on the BeyondGenderAgenda channels.

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony German Diversity Award 2020

Award Ceremony
German Diversity Award

Outstanding role models, pioneers and positive examples have inspired us with their commitment to diversity and made it onto the shortlist of the German Diversity Award

Watch the award ceremony now when the winners of this year's German Diversity Award are announced!

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“For years I have been fighting against linear thought and action structures as well as vertical hierarchies that prevent a lot of creativity. Thus, the German Diversity Award is the perfect opportunity to integrate my activities into an ecosystem."

Thomas Schönauer, artist and creator of the award trophy


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About BeyondGenderAgenda

BeyondGenderAgenda has set itself the goal of securing and expanding the international competitiveness of the German economy in the long term by integrating Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) into the DNA of listed and medium-sized companies. Based on the clear connection between D&I and business performance, equal opportunities of managers with disability, of different gender, age, cultural background, sexual orientation or gender identity in the composition of board positions and supervisory board mandates should be ensured and thus a change of culture involving politics, society and economy be brought about.

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