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For an individual person with oustanding contributions to diversity in 2020

Creditplus Bank AG

"We are convinced that only through diversity can innovations arise and future challenges be mastered. We therefore, support the German Diversity Award in the category Personality of the year.“

For a company with outstanding contributions to diversity in 2020


"Diversity and inclusion are important success factors for companies. It is time for this knowledge to become more than lip service. We need concrete measures and structures. And we need role models. We are therefore are very happy to support BeyondGenderAgenda and the German Diversity Award - to make role models and best practices visible and to appreciate them."

For an individual person selected by the community for their outstanding contribution to diversity in 2020

Philip Morris GmbH

"It is up to us to make the 20s a golden decade for equal opportunities, diversity and participation. This is what BeyondGenderAgenda stands for. And that is what the Audience Award category of the German Diversity Awards stands for. It stands for the many different facets of diversity and inclusion. Because even if there is still a lot to do. They do exist: The outstanding examples, the lighthouses, the role models and great initiatives in authorities and parties, in clubs, associations and, above all, in companies. They show that diversity, in terms of gender, origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation and identity, leads to greater success in overcoming the major social, economic and technological challenges. And that's exactly what we want to distinguish!"

C5H GmbH

"Diversity and inclusion need more attention. We are therefore pleased to honor companies and people who are outstandingly committed to people with disabilities with the Disability category of the German Diversity Award. We want to publicize positive examples and pioneers and inspire people with role models. We are not all the same, but we all have the same value. Or as Dieter Hildebrandt said: - Equality is no fun without a difference–"


"The premiere of the German Diversity Award comes at the right time. Too few companies in Germany still recognize the created by diverse teams. We are particularly pleased to support the Ethnicity category, because it will be crucial for the cohesion of society that people with different cultural backgrounds are fully integrated."

BurdaStyle GmbH

"Diversity allows innovations to arise and challenges to be mastered. It has been proven that diversified companies are also economically more successful and therefore, future oriented. The German Diversity Award offers an important platform for outstanding commitment to the topic of equal opportunities. We are particularly pleased to support the award and the BeyondGenderAgenda in the Gender category."


"We see diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion as drivers of growth and innovation. It is important to us to use the knowledge and perspectives of a diverse workforce in order to improve the quality of life of older people and people with disabilities with the help of our products and services. LIXIL wants to encourage all employees to adopt a culture characterized by diversity and inclusion. Additionally, we want to ensure that by 2030, all of our products are based on universal design concepts to create a better home for everyone, everywhere. We are therefore pleased to support the first German Diversity Award in the Generation category."

Roland Berger GmbH

"For us as a management consultancy, being the best team to the client is a self-evident principle of our daily work for our customers. But who or what is the “best team”? We are firmly convinced that the “best” is always a “diverse” team, which combines a high level of technical expertise with the ability to think outside the box. Because above all, it is the diversity of the different perspectives, approaches, experiences and personalities from which creativity and innovation grows. It is therefore very important to us, together with BeyondGenderAgenda, to promote equal opportunities and diversity in the world of work and to bring about a change in culture. We are particularly pleased to support the German Diversity Award in the LGBT+ category."

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