The focus is on how diversity affects our lives, the economy and our future, and how we can make the most of it.


Driving Change is the Diversity-Podcast by BeyondGenderAgenda, the most important network for DE&I in the German economy.

The focus is on how diversity influences our lives, the economy and our future. What role do equal opportunities and inclusion play and what current events are changing our world?

DE&I-related issues and current events are discussed and examined from different perspectives. By sharing personal experiences and concrete solutions, a contribution is made to a more diverse and inclusive economy.

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All Episodes

Episode 61

Warum die Genderfalle immer noch ein Problem ist?

Riccardo Simonetti

Episode 60

Warum uns mehr verbindet als uns trennt? Mit Birgit Bohle

Birgit Bohle

Episode 59
Driving Change mit Hannah Zühlke

Wie werden Unternehmen attraktiver für junge Mütter?

Hannah Zühlke

Episode 58

Warum Sichtbarkeit wichtig für Diversität ist?

Dr. Sylvia Eichelberg