The Diversity & Inclusion podcast by BeyondGenderAgenda.

Host of the podcast „Empower.Transform.Succeed.“ is Vicky Wagner, founder and CEO of BeyondGenderAgenda. Together with her guests she strives to put diversity and inclusion in top management committees on the agenda of the German economy, explore the complexity of the topic, discuss approaches for improvement and share inspiring experiences. 

In addition to politicians, top executives, doers and experts from a wide variety of backgrounds, members of the advisory board of BeyondGenderAgenda are among the guests. With their personal experience and expertise, they contribute to making Germany more diverse and inclusive.

New Episodes

  • Episode 3
  • Guest
  • "Die Agentur der Zukunft"
  • Dr. Wigan Salazar
  • Episode 2
  • Guest
  • "Diversität als Motor für Transformation"
  • Claudia Oeking
  • Episode 1
  • Guest
  • "Deutschland ein Entwicklungsland?"
  • Aida Rizvo

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