BeyondGenderAgenda Offers Certification and Announces Diversity Index

Düsseldorf, March, 8 2021 – The diversity initiative BeyondGenderAgenda (BGA) is now offering a Diversity Certification for companies. German-Based beauty brand, Douglas, has become the first company to be fully certified by BGA. On June 01, BGA will also publish the German Diversity Index for the first time. 

Diversity Certification

Effective immediately, BeyondGenderAgenda, the initiative for integrally embedding diversity in business, is offering diversity certification. The certification is awarded to companies that have sustainably anchored diversity in their DNA and offer an inclusive working environment. The requirements of the German Diversity Monitor, the annual study conducted by BGA in cooperation with Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, form the basis of the diversity certification. “In the current monitor, we call on company management to declare diversity a top priority, to establish systematic data management and a comprehensive understanding of diversity across all dimensions, and to introduce measures for an inclusive working environment,” explains Victoria Wagner, founder and CEO of BeyondGenderAgenda.

Diversity Certification is offered in two levels – basic or full. “For the basic certification, a standardized survey is conducted in the companies, which provides detailed insights into the status quo of diversity and an inclusive working environment. The information must be substantiated by the companies. Full certification also includes interviews with the company’s management and employees from various departments and hierarchical levels. The interviews build on the information provided by the company in the basic certification, but above all provide the space to share one’s own experiences and views in an unbiased manner,” explains Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt from the Chair of International Management at Otto von Guericke University, who is providing scientific support for the certification process with her team. With the evaluation, the companies receive a recommendation for action for further transformation toward a diverse setup with an inclusive working environment.

Douglas becomes the first company to be certified

Douglas GmbH has become the first company to receive full certification. CEO Tina Müller is delighted to have successfully passed the requirements of Diversity Certification: “At Douglas, we see diversity as a strategic competitive factor that is consistently pursued at all levels and defines the company’s vision.”

German Diversity Index

On June 1, 2021, BeyondGenderAgenda will also publish the German Diversity Index for the first time. The index will include companies from the DAX 30 that have demonstrably understood diversity as an economic factor and have anchored it accordingly in their organization. The index is based on three requirements from the German Diversity Monitor 2020: (1) Holistic understanding of diversity, (2) Definition of key performance indicators and (3) Diversity as executive priority. Information from the 2020 annual reports forms the basis for calculating the index. Companies also have the option of providing additional documentation. Information on the organizational structure, specific key figures and measures for promoting diversity are included in the assessment.

“BeyondGenderAgenda wants to give due space to positive examples, but also increase the pressure on companies for which the topic of DE&I is still not at the top of the agenda. The German Diversity Index focuses on the latter,” says Victoria Wagner. Other BGA projects, such as the Top-50-To-Watch list published in February or the German Diversity Award, provide space to duly celebrate the motivating and inspiring role models for diversity.



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About BeyondGenderAgenda
BeyondGenderAgenda aims to secure and expand the international competitiveness of German business in the long term by integrally embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in the DNA of listed and medium-sized companies. Based on the connection between DE&I and business performance, the aim is to ensure equal opportunities for executives with disabilities, of all genders, ages, cultural and social backgrounds, or different sexual orientations and gender identities when filling executive and supervisory board positions, and thus to bring about a cultural change involving politics, society and business.