Diversity Certification

The diversity initiative BeyondGenderAgendais now offering a Diversity Certification for companies. The certification is awarded to companies that have sustainably anchored diversity in their DNA and offer an inclusive working environment.

The Diversity Certification from BeyondGenderAgenda is conducted in cooperation with the Chair of International Management at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

Victoria Wagner

Founder and CEO of BeyondGenderAgenda

Victoria Wagner is a passionate entrepreneur and communications expert. After holding leading positions in the international consumer goods industry, she founded Brandzeichen , Germany's first brand communications agency, in 2004, which she sold to the listed US network Omnicom in 2013. Wagner became the first woman CEO of the leading German PR agency Ketchum Pleon.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt

Chair of the International Management Program

Her research focuses on strategic diversity management and intercultural challenges in internationally operating organizations, the influence of digitalization on the internationalization process, and organizational drivers.

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Why Get Certified?

Diverse perspectives that can bring optimal added value in an inclusive work environment are a decisive factor for a company's innovative strength and economic success.

The Diversity Certification of BeyondGenderAgenda is proof of successful efforts in the area of diversity, equal opportunity and an inclusive work environment - internally and externally.

Diversity certification forms the basis of essential business decisions and is an important stage in the diversity journey of companies.

Furthermore, it is a positive signal to the company's stakeholders, particularly:


In September 2020, BeyondGenderAgenda in cooperation with the Chair of International Management at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg published the German Diversity Monitor for the first time. The study, now conducted annually, determines the status quo of DE&I in the German corporate landscape, as well as progress and changes compared to previous years.

Based on the findings of the German Diversity Monitor 2020 , BeyondGenderAgenda has derived the following requirements, which now form the basis for certification:


Holistic Understanding of Diversity

Diversity categories are reduced. Diversity must be viewed comprehensively in companies and must not be restricted to individuals.


Defining Key Performance Indicators

The benefits of diversity for corporate success must be measurable using key performance indicators (KPIs) and targeted data management.


Diversity is an Executive Directive

Top management bodies must exemplify diversity and specifically promote it.


Establishing an Inclusive Work Environment

Companies should actively promote not only diversity but also inclusion, because without an inclusive work environment, diversity is ineffective.

Certification Levels

The Diversity Certification is offered in two levels - basic or full. Full certification is always preceded by basic certification.

About BeyondGenderAgenda

BeyondGenderAgenda has set itself the goal of securing and expanding the international competitiveness of the German economy in the long term by integrating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) into the DNA of listed and medium-sized companies. Based on the clear connection between D&I and business performance, equal opportunities of managers with disability, of different gender, age, cultural and social background, sexual orientation or gender identity in the composition of board positions and supervisory board mandates should be ensured and thus a change of culture involving politics, society and economy be brought about.

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