BeyondGenderAgenda and Publicis Groupe Germany launch Diversity Campaign #SuccessIsDiverse

Düsseldorf, 1 March 2022 – Starting today on the United Nations’ “Zero Discrimination Day”, the diversity network BeyondGenderAgenda, in cooperation with Publicis Groupe Germany, is showing how diverse success is. Under the claim #SuccessIsDiverse, the campaign tells the success stories of well- known personalities such as Janis McDavid, Riccardo Simonetti, Düzen Tekkal and Miriam Wohlfarth. The aim is to highlight the potential of diversity and point out the benefits as well as the necessity of a diverse workforce for companies.

“#SuccessIsDiverse” is the claim of BeyondGenderAgenda’s diversity campaign launched today in cooperation with Publicis Groupe Germany. The recognition that diversity is a success factor is not new: Numerous studies prove that diversified teams and companies are demonstrably more innovative and economically more successful. But too little is being done and development is slow. German companies are still predominantly homogeneous, especially in their management bodies. This is why BeyondGenderAgenda now wants to shake things up and demonstrate the potential of uniqueness and diversity with a broad campaign. Christoph Pietsch, Chief Growth Officer at Publicis and advisory board member of BeyondGenderAgenda, explains the idea behind the campaign: “We know from our own development work and from advising our customers that diversity in companies has nothing to do with charity. In fact, it is imperative to focus on competitiveness, innovation, and thus corporate success. The good news has now become the idea behind our campaign: Success is diverse.”

With strong portrait photos and provocative headlines, the motifs tell the inspiring stories of eight personalities with very different backgrounds and experiences. As unique as they are, they are united by their commitment to diversity and the fight against discrimination and exclusion of marginalized groups. Dennis May, Chief Creative Officer of Publicis and one of Germany’s most awarded creatives, is responsible for the creation. With copies such as “Black numbers are colorful” or “How barrier-free are career ladders?” he emphasizes the importance of diversity as an economic success factor for companies on behalf of BeyondGenderAgenda. Even though many of the copies are deliberately multi-layered, the message is clear: Success is diverse. And without diversity, there is no economic success!

“I am delighted that we have been able to win such inspiring and diverse role models for our campaign. The diversity of our society must finally be valued as an advantage and recognized by companies as an economic success factor. In Germany, we are in the midst of demographic change, and the shortage of skilled workers that already exists will soon develop into a general labor shortage. Companies that have not yet recognized diversity as an opportunity will soon have to experience it as an existential necessity,” explains Victoria Wagner, founder and CEO of BeyondGenderAgenda, the background of the campaign and continues: “In addition to the wake-up call to the German economy, we also want to strengthen the self-image of ALL people in their uniqueness through the success stories of our Role Models. Because being different is not a weakness, but rather a superpower!”

Many aspects that supposedly deviate from the norm, such as disabilities, age, gender, cultural or social origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, often become obstacles for applicants and talents when it comes to filling positions. They obscure the view of the person’s actual aptitude. However, when working together, it often becomes apparent that employees with diverse experiences and characteristics are particularly empathetic, flexible, strong-willed or solution-oriented.

From early March until mid-April, #SuccessIsDiverse will be rolled out as a broad-based campaign in print, digital and out-of-home media, as well as on BeyondGenderAgenda’s social media channels and the website

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All motifs can be downloaded here: Dropbox
The image film of the campaign as well as all interviews with the protagonists in full length can be found here: YouTube

All campaign participants were fully vaccinated and/or recovered at the time of filming and tested negative for the COVID-19 virus on the same day.



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About BeyondGenderAgenda
BeyondGenderAgenda has set itself the goal of securing and expanding the international competitiveness of the German economy in the long term by integrating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) into the DNA of listed and medium-sized companies. Based on the clear connection between D&I and business performance, equal opportunities of managers with disability, of different gender, age, cultural and social background, sexual orientation or gender identity in the composition of board positions and supervisory board mandates should be ensured and thus a change of culture involving politics, society and economy be brought about.


Quotes from the protagonists of #SuccessIsDiverse

 Hakan Demir:
“It is not a problem of background, but a social problem when, for example, young people graduate with poorer grades. The reason is not ethnicity, but social background and the lack of support that comes with it. We must work on that. That is why social issues are always a priority for me.”

Janis McDavid:
“We need to break down encrusted structures, and also sometimes ask ‘Why is there still no one visibly with a disability in the management level of a DAX company?’”

Riccardo Simonetti:
“Each of us comes to the point in life where you are no longer the norm, where you are no longer the center of society. For example, when you get older, become less visible and disappear from the center of society, you are grateful when a society has developed that welcomes you, where you still have a place, where you are still seen as valuable. But to achieve such a society, you must act now so that in the end everyone feels welcome and gets their place at the table. We deserve that.“

Rupali Steinmeyer:
“In New York, you are a New Yorker. Nobody asks you where you come from. There you are a part of society. In Germany it is different, here you need a few minutes to explain yourself.“

Düzen Tekkal:
“Diversity is not just a migrant issue. It is about a shared national identity in this country. It is about who we want to be and who we do not want to be. It is about what kind of Germany we want to build together. It is about a Germany of the many, it is about the German Dream. And I founded this education initiative because I am deeply convinced that this country is a land of opportunities and a community of solidarity, from which I was also able to benefit.”

Simon Usifo:
“To think that just because I do not experience something, it does not exist – that is a fallacy. We need to listen to people who experience discrimination. Just listen and then try to recognize our own privileges, too. It affects all of us.“

Miriam Wohlfarth:
“For me, diverse teams consist of people who have different opinions. Opinions are often shaped by experiences, environment, and background. In management teams and companies, there is no longer one person who knows everything – the world is no longer so easy to understand. You also must debate, but in a safe environment. Everyone must be allowed to express their opinion, and you also have to be allowed to argue in order to find a good consensus on the matter. It is about everyone contributing their opinion and not just one person.”

Victoria Wagner:
“The campaign is aimed at companies and makes it clear that they miss opportunities if they ignore people because they are different and do not recognize diversity as a success factor. Because black numbers are colorful! In addition, it also addresses each and every one of us to understand our own uniqueness as a success factor. Because success is diverse.“

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