BeyondGenderAgenda Releases Top 50 List Highlighting Leaders Driving Diversity in German Business.

Düsseldorf, February 10, 2021 – With the Top 50 To Watch List, the diversity initiative BeyondGenderAgenda is honoring its “Top 50 Diversity Drivers” for the first time in 2021. Fifty personalities who have the potential to significantly advance the topics of diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) in German business this year.

In 2020, the topics of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion have received a great deal of attention in Germany. Despite the deeply impactful and newsworthy Corona pandemic, the topic of diversity has managed to gain significant attention. From women’s quotas on boards of directors to the Black Lives Matter movement, both national politics and global social movements have put a brighter spotlight on diversity and equity.

As an initiative dedicated to pushing German business toward greater diversity, BeyondGenderAgenda now turns the spotlight on its “Top 50 Diversity Drivers to Watch in 2021,” showcasing fifty individuals who will be key drivers of DE&I in German business in 2021. The reasons for selecting these top 50 are as varied as the people themselves, but what unites them all is their extraordinary commitment to diversity and equal opportunity.

“With our German Diversity Monitor study, we found in 2020 that diversity is, unfortunately, still more lip service than reality in most German companies. Nevertheless, we keep coming across people who see diversity as a success factor for companies and are continuously committed to diversely staffed management bodies and equitable opportunities in German business. We want to give these diversity drivers a stage with the “Top-50-to- Watch-List” so that they can inspire others and further strengthen their positive influence,” says Victoria Wagner, founder and CEO of BeyondGenderAgenda, explaining the background to the Top-50 list.

The Top 50 To Watch list will be published via BGA social media channels as well as accompanied by an attention-grabbing print campaign.

The full list can be found on the following page and at


About BeyondGenderAgenda
BeyondGenderAgenda has set itself the goal of securing and expanding the international competitiveness of the German economy in the long term by integrating Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) into the DNA of listed and medium-sized companies. Based on the clear connection between DE&I and business performance, equal opportunities of managers of different gender, age, cultural and social background, sexual orientation and gender identity in the composition of board positions and supervisory board mandates should be ensured and thus a change of culture involving politics, society and economy be brought about.


BeyondGenderAgenda’s Top 50 Diversity Drivers of 2021: 

In alphabetical order (no ranking) with link to relevant online profile: 

  1. Kenza Ait Si Abbou
  2. Jutta Allmendinger
  3. Volker Baisch
  4. Dorothee Bär
  5. Sabine Bendiek
  6. Birgit Bohle
  7. Sergio Bucher
  8. Sawsan Chebli
  9. Stephanie Cossmann
  10. Christine Epler
  11. Kristina Faßler
  12. Maria Ferraro
  13. Anna-Beeke Gretemeier
  14. Ana-Cristina Grohnert
  15. Dunja Hayali
  16. Dagmar Hirche
  17. Nico Hofmann
  18. Julia Jäkel
  19. Manuela Kampp-Wirtz
  20. Bettina Karsch
  21. Tanja Kewes
  22. Diana Kinnert
  23. Raul Krauthausen
  24. Janina Kugel
  25. Sirka Laudon
  26. Dominique Leikauf
  27. Thomas Meiers
  28. Heinrich Moisa
  29. Sabine Müller
  30. Natalya Nepomnyashcha
  31. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta
  32. Maximilian Oehl
  33. Claudia Oeking
  34. Stefan Oelrich
  35. Constanze Osei
  36. Robert Pölzer
  37. Magdalena Rogl
  38. Belgin Rudack
  39. Mina Saidze
  40. Dr. Susanne Schmidt
  41. Tiaji Sio
  42. Düzen Tekkal
  43. Anahita Thoms
  44. Aminata Touré
  45. Katja Urbatsch
  46. Antje von Dewitz
  47. Eva Voss
  48. Andrea Wasmuth
  49. Matthias Weber
  50. Katharina Wolff 



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